CO2 laser printer

The CO2 laser printer uses a radio frequency tube laser generator, combined with high-quality optical devices, and adopts embedded industrial-grade touch screen control. The man-machine interface is friendly, and it is ultimately “foolish” operation mode. It only needs to be plugged in, and the machine is maintenance-free. No ink and other consumables are required. It is suitable for online marking of most non-metallic materials, such as paper packaging, film packaging, coated metal, plexiglass, resin plastic, bamboo and wood products, PVC products, etc.

It is widely used in food and beverage packaging, alcohol, dairy products, clothing accessories, leather, electronic components, medicine, personal care products, tobacco, chemical building materials, and other fields. Production and expiration date, batch number, shift, manufacturer name, and logo, etc. And text marking.


Suitable for a variety of working conditions;

The installation method is flexible, and the installation position is convenient to adjust;

The use of radiofrequency tube CO2 laser has a long life and can be inflated;

The coded content cannot be wiped off, which has good traceability and anti-counterfeiting effect;

Low cost of use, plug and play, no consumables, no need to add ink;

It adopts a floor-standing foldable lifting bracket and is installed on the product production line, which is simple and convenient;

It adopts industrial-grade touch screen control, friendly man-machine interface, complete “dumb” operation mode, and has strong adaptability to the environment


Product parameter

Product number NF-C20PM NF-C30PM NF-C50PM NF-C70PM
Output power (V) >20 >30 >50 >70
Laser wavelength (um) 9.3/10.2/10.6
Code speed (mm/s) Low configuration<3000>15000<!–3000–><!–3000–>
Marking range (mm) 70/100/150/175/200 range (length is not limited)
Control System Standard configuration: 7-inch embedded system
Support language Chinese, English, Arabic, Bengali, French, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Spanish, Russian, Thai and other languages
cooling method 风冷 水冷
Body interface USB, encoder interface, photoelectric interface
electricity demand AC 20/50Hz (default), AC 110V/50Hz (customized)
Whole machine power (W) 600 1200 1200 2500
Whole machine weight (kg) 90 120 150
Packing size (mm) 1060*700*600 1300*800*1000
Optional accessories Smoke treatment system, visual positioning system


Application Samples


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