FW-4Z-400W Four-axis fiber laser welding machine

Four-axis fiber laser welding machine is applying high energy pulse laser to weld objects. Combining laser, laser power supply, control system, cooling system operation counter, etc. together, it is easy to operate and compact in structure. Suitable for welding of various shaped structures.

Advantages over YAG welding machine.

1. more beautiful and full welded joints

2. wider melt pool

3. increased strength


Model: FW-4Z-400W
Laser Mode: Pulse
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Maximum laser pulse energy: 90J
Output energy: 400W
Energy fluctuation: <±5%
Room temperature: 20-55°C
Air humidity: 75°C
Protective gas: Argon gas
Welding depth: 0.15-2.0mm
Table load capacity: 50KG
Aiming and positioning mode: red light indication + CCD video display
Power demand: three-phase 380V±15% 50Hz 25A
Host power: 12KW
Control system: PFCS laser power real-time feedback system
Cooling mode: water cooling
Host power consumption: 12KW

Sample product pictures:

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