FW-ZJ-200W-V2 Fiber optic oscillator laser welding machine

This product is specially developed for battery pole lug, supporting automatic tooling fixtures to reduce labor and improve production output.

Real-time feedback of laser power is adopted to make the welding joint consistent from beginning to end. Ensure stable welding effect.

Technical parameters

Model: W-ZJ-200W-V2
Laser mode: YAG
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Maximum laser pulse energy: 60J/ms
Output energy: 200W
Energy fluctuation: <±3%
Room temperature: 20-55°C
Air humidity: 75°C
Protective gas: Argon gas
Welding depth: 0.1-1.0mm
Table load capacity: 50KG
Aiming and positioning mode: Red light indication (CCD optional)
Power demand three-phase: 380V±15% 50Hz 25A
Host power: 6KW
Control system: PFCS laser power real-time feedback system
Cooling mode: water-cooled

Sample product pictures:

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