FWR-600W Robotic laser welding machine

Robotic laser welding machine

High depth to width ratio, small weld width, small heat-affected zone, fast welding speed.

Flat and beautiful weld seam, no treatment or simple treatment process after welding

High weld quality, no porosity, can reduce and optimize the impurities of the base material, the organization can be refined after welding, the weld strength, toughness at least equal to or even exceed the base metal.

Technical parameters

Model: FWR-600W
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Maximum laser output power: 600W
Maximum laser pulse energy: 100J/20ms
Fiber output quantity: Standard 1 way (fiber length optional 5m, 10m, 20m)
Maximum welding depth: ≤3mm
Pulse width: 01-20ms
Pulse frequency: 0-200Hz
Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm
Light spot size: 0.2mm-2.0mm
Aiming and positioning mode: Red light indication (CCD optional)
Power requirement three-phase: 380V±15% 50Hz 25A
Host power: 16KW
Control system: PFCS laser power real-time feedback system
Cooling method: internal circulation water + external circulation water cooling (5P chiller)
Robotic stroke: 1.5m

Sample product pictures:

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