TZ-4000 Lithium battery sticker machine(for 18650/21700/26650/32650 )

  1. Equipment power supply: single-phase ~ 220V, 50Hz
  2. Rated power: 1.5KW.
  3. Surface pad material: highland barley paper or PVC material.
  4. Material requirements: the maximum insulation paper roll material (W) 100MM, (H) 0.3MM; the maximum diameter of the insulation roll material is 350MM, and the inner diameter of the paper roll core is 72-75MM.
  5. The positive or negative electrode of the ODM cell is pasted with highland barley paper mat or PVC material.
  6. Feeding method: Put into the discharge core hopper, 500PCS can be put in one time.
  7. Use air pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa.
  8. Cushioning power: Pneumatic (Airtac).
  9. Control device: 7.0-inch touch screen, PLC programmer, and servo motor.
  10. Efficiency: 4500-4800PCS/h, 18650 cell punching pad 4PCS, 21700, 26650, 32650 punching pad 3PCS
  11. Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 1000×700×1630MM
  12. Whole machine weight: about 200Kg.
  13. Knife mold: Slow wire processing, 6000-8000 knife molds are coated once to remove sticky water.
  14. Battery model:18650/21700/26650/32650

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