YCDM-10 Single side automatic spot welder

  1. Equipment power supply: single-phase ~380V±10%/50Hz±10%.
  2. Power<2000w
  3. Equipment air pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa.
  4. Dimensions (L×W×H): 1060×900×1690MM.
  5. X-axis travel: 540MM, Y-axis travel: 380MM.
  6. Spot welding speed: 0.7-0.8S/piece, 1800-2300PCS/h.
  7. The maximum number of batteries loaded: 120pcs (standard 18650 lithium batteries).
  8. The number of file groups that can be stored: 99 groups.
  9. Operating system: embedded system + man-machine screen.
  10. Transmission mode: servo motor + imported precision linear guide.
  11. Welding head: servo motor drive.
  12. Motion controller, array and non-array battery pack, simple operation, and fast programming.
  13. Current welding monitoring and alarm, solving the phenomenon of false welding and false welding.
  14. Support breakpoint start, support automatic start, and manual start mode conversion.
  15. Welding needle compensation function, the welding needle adopts water cooling to reduce the loss of the welding needle.
  16. Battery model: CN-5000/MDK-10C/WIA-5000A/WIA-8000A

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