Teach you to buy spot welding machines, butt welding machines

Teach you to buy spot welding machines, butt welding machines

In the actual procurement process of welding equipment, some users still have doubts about the use process and scope of spot welding machines and butt welding machines. Let’s look at the precautions for manufacturers and individuals in the welding field when purchasing spot welding machines.

In the first case, if the workpieces to be welded in your factory belong to ferrous metals, AC spot welding machines are generally used. Because the AC spot welding machine adopts AC discharge welding, it is especially suitable for materials with an immense resistance value.

The AC spot welding machine can implement single-point, double-point continuous, automatic control, and manual control welding on the workpiece to be welded using single-pulse, multi-pulse signal, cycle, time, voltage, current, and current program control methods. Therefore, this spot welding machine is generally suitable for welding sheets, rods, and wires of various metals such as tungsten, molybdenum, iron, nickel, stainless steel, etc. The application range is still vast.

In addition, the AC spot welding machine has the following advantages: better comprehensive benefits and higher cost performance; a wide range of welding conditions; small and lightweight welding circuits; it can spot welding dissimilar metals widely.

In the second case, if you need a spot welder for welding non-ferrous metals, it is generally recommended to use an energy storage spot welder. Because this type of spot welding machine uses energy storage capacitor discharge welding, it has the characteristics of negligible impact on the power grid, concentrated welding current, fast release speed, intense penetration, and small heat affected area. The intermediate frequency spot welding machine also has the characteristics of small welding heat affected zone, energy-saving, and more accurate and stable current output.

What kind of products are welded and what type of process is used determines which welding equipment to use. There are many types and models of spot welding machines. You can consult our technicians to choose suitable products according to your needs.

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