Benefits of Product Automation in A Fiber Laser Cutting Environment

Benefits of Product Automation in A Fiber Laser Cutting Environment

With today’s Fiber laser reducing machines and also their capacity to process a vast quantity of sheet metal daily, maintaining materials at the ready is essential to preserving a constant rate of manufacturing For this reason, it is essential to have some kind of automated product handling and also material storage so that the raw materials are cycled to the equipment in a prompt fashion. Automating the retrieval, lots, as well as discharge cycles is the vital to preserving the performance capability of today’s fiber laser reducing devices in addition to various other equipments on the construction shop floor.

Identifying variabilities in production
Essentially, laser reducing systems without product handling automation display one of the most irregularity in their production time during the loading and also dumping procedure. If you examine the waiting or idle times from the equipment information, the waiting times are notoriously evident. This is due to either a lack of raw materials having been provided to the equipment or an absence of unloading cut components prior to the machine has actually ended up refining the previous sheet. Herein exist the added possibilities for boosting material handling as a way to enhance making effectiveness and also lower total processing time.

Keeping a constant pace of manufacturing.
The advantages of automating material storage lay in the effectiveness aspect: Product storage systems enable the seamless shift of material adjustments from task to job, decreasing non-productive waiting times. Exactly how usually have you seen a laser cutting equipment resting idle since it doesn’t have the product to process the work?

Maintaining a maker provided with the proper products as well as in a prompt fashion is a job that needs precision timing. Often, it is the task of a forklift operator or even the machine operator to see to it the laser has the required materials, but timing is everything, and also unavoidably this results in ineffectiveness and also shed production time.

Preserving products ready is essential to preserving a regular rate of manufacturing and minimizing non-productive time. Furthermore, preserving a material storage space system supplies the ability to buy raw materials when the price is reduced to counter any unpredicted price boosts to future raw materials purchases.

Providing basic materials
So the programming system has actually launched the cut programs to the maker. How does your system respond to this request? Does someone currently recover the raw product from a product storage area utilizing a forklift and also bring it to the maker? Just how much time is collected performing this action for every and also every material transition? If you are in a high-mix atmosphere with numerous everyday changeovers, a computerized material storage space system can supply numerous materials kinds and thicknesses throughout numerous devices. With an automated material storage space system, as programs are released to the laser cutting devices and packed for handling, the interactions to the product storage space system is attained immediately. This way, the raw product is transferred to the device while the device is still processing.

Competitive advantage
Maintaining products ‘at the ready’ with automated material storage space systems eliminates inefficiencies when transforming products from task to task and also maintains a regular speed of production. You now have a strategy that compensates for rising and fall market problem rates, is able to provide parts faster and less expensively, is more effective with material handling, as well as will most likely win you a lot more organization.

A necessary part of high mix environments
If you are running in a high-mix product environment, automating the material storage and handling is crucial. Each changeover of material is a chance to either preserve your speed of production or add non-productive time. The greater the changeover rate, the higher the threat of production loss because of not having the proper products supplied to the device.

Today’s modern laser cutting devices have the ability to gather statistical information on the productivity of the equipments as well as additionally non-productive waiting times. If you remain in a high-mix product atmosphere it is prudent to determine the non-productive waiting times for constant improvement functions as well as to warrant material automation.

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