What are the precautions when buying a laser marking machine?

What are the precautions when buying a laser marking machine?

When choosing a laser marking machine, we should choose a big brand with quality assurance and better technical support.

There is a variety of marking machines on the market, including fiber laser marking machines, semiconductor laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines, and carbon dioxide marking machines. If you need to mark metal and non-metal materials, you can choose a fiber laser marking machine.

When purchasing, you can compare various configurations and consider the laser, lens, etc., especially the laser. It is the core of the laser marking machine, and its quality is the main factor affecting the price of the laser marking machine.

First, let’s choose which type of laser marking machine: laser and needle. Laser marking is fine and fast, suitable for a variety of materials, mainly semiconductors, optical fibers, carbon dioxide, etc.; the baler has electromagnetic and pneumatic functions.

Select the type of marking machine according to your requirements, and consider the material, marking content, marking time requirements, workpiece size, etc.; currently, laser marking is mainly used in China (needle type, according to specific company requirements). Fiber optics are recommended for lasers. Although domestic semiconductor lasers are cheap, their quality is not good; the choice of fiber is mainly based on power and laser type. Optical fiber is suitable for metal and non-metal, cost-effective, and stable equipment.

To determine the type of machine, if you want to choose a laser marking machine that suits you, you should first identify the product you want to mark, and then know what effect you want to print on the product, so that you can get a general idea What type of laser marking machine should you buy. For different materials and different requirements, there are different marking machines. At the same time, we should also understand the laser quality of the machine. The laser is one of the most important parts of the marking machine, and its quality directly affects the quality of the entire marking machine. Therefore, users should choose a new high-end marking machine. The quality of the imported beam and the electro-optical conversion rate is relatively good. Of course, if the funds are insufficient, you can also choose cost-effective products.

There are three indicators to judge the laser marking machine: laser spot size, reading rate, and efficiency.

The laser includes four light sources: carbon dioxide, ultraviolet, green, and fiber. Greenlight is more suitable for marking on black PCB boards, UV or green light is suitable for black master chips, and optical fibers are used for metal materials!

The smaller the laser spot, the finer the lines. The smaller the size of the clearest barcodes that can be printed, the higher the recognition rate, and the better it can meet the needs of miniature components in the market!

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