How to improve the marking quality of fiber laser marking machine

How to improve the marking quality of fiber laser marking machine

The laser marking machine uses the laser to process and engrave the product, so the patterns are apparent and beautiful, and the fineness is exceptionally high, which can meet the various requirements of customers. As we all know, any mechanical equipment will suffer from wear and tear when used for some time, so it needs regular maintenance and upgrades. Below, the fiber laser marking machine will give you some opinions on how to improve the marking quality of the laser marking machine!

First: the focal length will affect the marking effect and quality, so it is essential to adjust the focal length of the laser marking machine during marking operations. Generally, the focal length can be adjusted as follows: the laser is emitted to the surface of the workpiece through the core component (laser) of the marking machine, but through the lens system, the focal length can be accurate, and the laser focus can reach the perfect value, so in debugging Be sure to take a ruler to measure the focal length and record it on the notebook for later setting.

Second: Control the marking speed. The laser marking machine is a customized model. It is tailor-made according to customer requirements and workpiece requirements. Therefore, if you are processing, you only know to increase the power of the machine to make it too fast. After the power value of the device, there will be a phenomenon of missing engraving, which will ultimately affect the processing effect.

Third: the importance of technicians. Although the laser marking machine is automated processing equipment, factors such as debugging before processing, parameter setting, and machine maintenance also affect the processing effect of the device.

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