Laser marking machines are more and more widely used in daily life.

Laser marking machines are more and more widely used in daily life.

With improved living standards, more and more daily necessities have become an indispensable part of people’s everyday lives. Clear identification of icons, environmental labels, parameters, and other information on customary conditions is essential, reminding the safe use of goods. The scope and time limit and the laser marking machine can mark the information clearly and lastingly.

Some external production and processing methods of daily necessities, such as printing, labeling, hot stamping, shrink packaging, etc., are not considered for certain commodities during use, which may easily cause the content of the identification information to be blurred and the identification to fall off, which will cause inconvenience to users. This technology is relatively advanced with fast processing speed, good durability of printed marks, good anti-counterfeiting, high quality, no other procedures, and suitable for various metal and non-metal materials.

Its working principle is: the laser is concentrated on the surface of the object to be marked with a higher energy density, in a short time, the substance on the surface of the object is vaporized, and the effective displacement of the laser beam is controlled to engrave Exquisite patterns or text accurately, and no need to consume materials, more convenient maintenance, is green and reliable marking equipment.

The advantages of lasers are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

The marked graphics and text are highly accurate, non-wipeable, non-fading, the anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious, and it is convenient for product tracking and recording;

Increasing the added value can make the product look higher and improve the brand awareness of the product;

High efficiency, no consumables, one-time completion, wide application range, no need for second investment;

When using daily necessities, no harmful ingredients will be produced, so you can rest assured!

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